Fully catered dinner

Enrich your stay at Le Puy Maury B&B with a tasty dinner on the terrace or in the dining room. We like to cook varied dishes to make your stay complete. We will introduce you to French classics in a modern way and various dishes from the world kitchen. We prepare the dishes with as many local products of organic origin as possible.

4-course dinner


Dinner consists of a starter, main course, local cheeses, dessert and coffee at 27 euro per person.


The content of the dinner varies and is seasonal. One or two-course dinner is also possible.


We cook from Sunday to Wednesday. On the other days, we are happy to make reservations at one of the restaurants in the area.

Enjoy a 4 course dinner

Order a picnic backpack


A day out in nature? Or househunting in the area? Order a lunchbag or picnic basket and find a lovely spot for lunch.


This generously filled bag or basket consists of richly filled sandwiches, various delicacies such as nuts and cheese and sweets such as fresh fruit and cake.


The cost of this  lunchbag or picnic, including picnic blanket, is 14 euro per person and must be reserved one day in advance.