Bedrooms of Le Puy Maury

Le Puy Maury offers three big rooms suitable for 2 persons, all with a beautiful view over the valley. The rooms have a private bathroom and toilet. Make use of the shared living room with fireplace and enjoy breakfast on the spacious terrace or in the dining room.

Check-in time: 15.00 - 18.00

Check-out time: 07.00 -  11.00

Guestroom Vienne with 2 single beds, shower and separate toilet

Guestroom Vienne

Cosy room with 2 boxspring beds, shower and separate toilet. For €80,- per night including breakfast.

Guestroom Maury with electric adjustable bed and bathroom with shower and toilet

Guestroom Maury

Spacious and bright room with double bed. For €80,- night including breakfast.

Guestroom Helene with bath and separate toilet

Guestroom Hélène

Spacious room and bathroom with double bath. For €80,- per night including breakfast.